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Mã sản phẩm TH1001554
25,000 VND
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High Performance RISC CPU:

• Only 35 single word instructions to learn

• All single cycle instructions except for program branches, which are two-cycle

• Operating speed: DC - 20 MHz clock inputDC - 200 ns instruction cycle

• 2K x 14 words of Program Memory, 128 x 8 bytes of Data Memory (RAM)

• Pinout compatible to PIC16C72/72A and PIC16F872

• Interrupt capability• Eight-level deep hardware stack

• Direct, Indirect and Relative Addressing modes Peripheral Features:

• High Sink/Source Current: 25 mA

• Timer0: 8-bit timer/counter with 8-bit prescaler

• Timer1: 16-bit timer/counter with prescaler, can be incremented during SLEEP via external crystal/clock

• Timer2: 8-bit timer/counter with 8-bit period register, prescaler and postscaler

• Capture, Compare, PWM (CCP) module- Capture is 16-bit, max. resolution is 12.5 ns- Compare is 16-bit, max. resolution is 200 ns- PWM max. resolution is 10-bit

• 8-bit, 5-channel analog-to-digital converter

• Synchronous Serial Port (SSP) with SPI™(Master/Slave) and I2C™(Slave)

• Brown-out detection circuitry for Brown-out Reset (BOR)CMOS Technology:

• Low power, high speed CMOS FLASH technology

• Fully static design

• Wide operating voltage range: 2.0V to 5.5V

• Industrial temperature range

• Low power consumption:- < 0.6 mA typical @ 3V, 4 MHz-20 µA typical @ 3V, 32 kHz-< 1 µA typical standby current Pin Diagrams Special Microcontroller Features:

• 1,000 erase/write cycle FLASH program memory typical

• Power-on Reset (POR), Power-up Timer (PWRT) and Oscillator Start-up Timer (OST)

• Watchdog Timer (WDT) with its own on-chip RC oscillator for reliable operation

• Programmable code protection

• Power saving SLEEP mode

• Selectable oscillator options

• In-Circuit Serial Programming™(ICSP™) via 2 pins

• Processor read access to program memory

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